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Silesian Genealogical Society
 (regional cultural society)

      Silesian Genealogical Society is a regional nonprofit educational association, founded in 1992. The objects of the Society are:

Silesian Genealogical Society does not have a staff to do research. We advise to find namesakes in Poland for wander together in the past following yours common ancestors and for complete blanks in diagram of the family tree. Our website „Families of our ancestors“ is visited by genealogists from over the world and you can find persons which are researching in the some places or about some surnames. 

Postal and street address:
ul. Dubois 3/1
PL-50-208 Wroclaw

Regular meetings of the Silesian Genealogical Society second Thursday of each month at 18 P.M. ((Wrocław, ul. Dubois 3/1). Meetings in 2011: 13 January, 10 February, 10 March, 14 April, 12 May, 9 June,  1 or 8 July,  8 September,  13 October,  10 November and  8 December.

Telephone +48 71 329 69 54 , + 48 71 321-90-44,  kom. 502-84-00-55

E-mail: Silesian Genealogical Society

Contact languages: Polish

http://eurogento.org  (multilingual)

The Board of Directors:
• President: Grzegorz Mendyka
• Vice-President: Wiesław Nawrocki
• Secretary: Małgorzata Lubecka-Walusiak
• Treasurer: Ryszard Pawlikowski
• Member: Andrzej Kraszewski
• Member: Paweł Peter
• Member: Maria Rągowska

Auditors: Andrzej Olejarz, Mieczysław Lewandowski, Andrzej Szczudło

Single or family (parents with teen children) membership: US$ 30 annually (30 EUR or in any other currency at the local equivalent). Mail to the postal address: Silesian Genealogical Society, ul. Dubois 3, PL-50-208 Wroclaw, Poland
Przelewy z ZAGRANICY [ EURO, USD, ...] :
Slaskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne : LUKAS BANK Wroclaw
(IBAN) PL 94 1940 1076 3008 6614 0000 0000 (BIC) LUBWPLPR  

Update: January 2011

Please write to Eurogento

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