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How to create a memorable pub crawl

Pub crawls are drinking tour that sees the participants visit several pubs or bars following a set route, and then drink heavily. The average duration of pub crawls is 3-4 hours. Participants will stop at each bar along the route and continue drinking when they go between bars. A majority of the patrons try to consume cheap alcohol. This is why the majority of pubs and bars on the road usually offer discounts or happy hours on drinks for a certain time (usually three to four hours).

The primary reason these drinks tours are so popular among young executives and college students is that they do NOT require membership fees , like bars and clubs. This makes pub crawls an extremely popular tour for young people. Foreign visitors who haven’t visited the city before and are unsure of its bars also take pleasure in the tour.

Local entrepreneurs usually organize pub crawls and employ tour guides or tour organizers to help them. Guides are then able to create an itinerary that contains important details about each destination along the route. It also includes details like the names of every establishment including the hours they are open and closed as well as the location of restrooms along the route. Guides are also required to help participants get contact emergency personnel in the event of need.

The majority of pubs along the tour offer discounts on drinks for a certain time period set by the establishment. This is done to attract more patrons into their establishments at onset of tour.

Pubs in close proximity to one might agree to an “no competition” agreement in order to avoid customers being compelled to drink at the other’s establishments at certain times. The drinking tours usually begin between 17:00 and 18:00 hours. Guides will inform guests about the first stop, before they left the pub.

Students at colleges and universities are the most frequent patrons of bar crawls. The majority of them organize short tours of drinking to meet new people as well as acquaintances that they can have a drink with. These tours are also used by students as a way to introduce students to landmarks in the city, as well as other establishments.

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Top 5 Rules of a Pub Crawl

1. Always begin at the beginning

It is important to start your first crawl in the correct place. Begin by grabbing a bar that is iconic If you’re starting with friends that have been on crawls before inquire about which bar they recommend beginning their own.

2. Get Water

This is the most important rule of them all. As fun as an evening out at the pub can be but it’s also dehydrating, and can lead to serious health problems if not taken seriously. It’s quite easy to lose track of how much you’ve had to drink so staying hydrated is essential. Every bar that you plan to visit, be sure to drink the water bottle. This will help you get rid of the hangover and keep you at the level of alcohol consumption until you go to the next venue.

3. Make a note of all receipts

You should make sure to walk to every bar you’ve listed. It’s an excellent idea to keep track of how much you spend. Write down the number of your first bar and keep a record of each drink. This allows you to go back to a bar earlier for a few rounds before moving onto the next one. It’s better to drink in a walkable distance rather than spend money on expensive taxis.

4. Be sure to pace yourself

This is a marathon and not the equivalent of a sprint. It is important to spend enough time at each bar so that you can enjoy your experience and avoid getting too drunk. There’s nothing worse than going out on a pub crawl only to be eliminated from the bar you’ve chosen after only one time.

5. Spread the word

It’s essential to let people that you’re nearing the end of your ride. If someone comes along for the ride in bars that are later be sure they are informed about your previous location and the place you’ll be next. This will help them enjoy themselves more and make it simpler for everyone. Snap a group photo at the conclusion of your pub crawl and post it on Facebook or Twitter with a shout-out to every bar.

Have a great time, college students! Pub Crawls are always a great opportunity to celebrate holidays, last night outs, and special occasions. Be responsible and enjoy yourself.