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Why You Should Buy Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste tubes can be an environmental catastrophe. They’re composed of aluminum and plastic, which consumes a lot of resources in terms of time and energy when recycling to mention only two aspects that come into play with these products being bad for our environment both in the present and long term future generations are likely to be impacted by the destruction if we abandon our current habits behind. There are two options: let people decide to not use toothpaste completely, or change the packaging.

Toothpaste tablets are gaining popularity with eco-conscious consumers due to the fact that they are recyclable. Toothpaste tablets come in small packaging that is easy to reuse and take up small amounts of space. A recent study found similar efficacy between traditional paste and tablet versions of this product. Both proved efficient in fighting plaque buildup but only one of them has recyclable packaging which makes it ideal for those on a tight budget or worried about the amount of trash ends up in landfills every year. They have many advantages over earlier versions and it’s likely that they’ll be successful.

Simple To Use

When you next feel you need to clean your teeth simply chew a few tablets and brush your teeth like you normally. You’ll be able to wash off all of that food residue in one swipe!

Soft and Effective

Nobody likes to see plaque build-up on their teeth. It’s not just a matter of leaving your mouth feeling sour and swollen, but it can also result in cavities! Our Toothpaste Tablets provide a solution. They are made with natural ingredients that gently eliminate the surface stains that have accumulated on your pearly whites.


The demand for sustainable products is rapidly growing around the globe. Our toothpaste tube comes with a refill that’s made from pure ingredients, which makes it more sustainable than the standard plastic type! The tablets themselves are kept in recycled boxes and then placed inside an airtight container so they’re kept fresher longer. Not to mention you’ll feel great knowing that this tube will never end up the countertop or bathroom sink when the time for disposal arrives at your home.

No Cross-Contamination

This tablet is great for sharing with other people. It isn’t necessary to be concerned about cross-contamination as there isn’t any chance of being soiled or carrying any germs from someone else’s.

Excellent For Travel

We all know how frustrating it is to have to take our toothpaste with us when we travel. These tablets make it possible to travel without worry about breaking laws or regulations for airports. They’re solid, water-free, and easy to touch and then put them in your mouth at times when you require them, therefore there’s no need to deal with security issues with a bulky tube regular blue goop.

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